We offer "ready-to-go" fountains that use a self-contained recirculating pump. All you do is add water and plug it into an electrical outlet. The fountain itself has a bowl or container which holds several gallons of water and vinyl or copper tubing connect the outflow from the pump to the spouting figure.

The most popular materials are Cast Stone, Cast Aluminum and Fiberglass. The spouting figure can be variations on these materials, plus lead, bronze, or copper.

Cast Stone bowls and basins are the least expensive, but must be protected and covered from collecting water and freezing in the winter. Stone develops a nice weathered patina.

Cast Aluminum is lighter weight, does not rust and is reasonably priced for its durability. Make sure the product you buy has a baked powder-coated finish; otherwise, paint will not adhere.

Fiberglass is a lightweight durable material, currently manufactured to imitate antique cast stone, rusty cast iron, or handsome verdi bronze. You will pay more for fiberglass than cast stone, but it will be lighter and easier to hang and will not crack in freezing winter weather.

It is wise to purchase a model you have seen operating. Be observant of the splash factor when placing fountains inside the house. Assess how much water the bowl, basin or trough will hold. Select a model that holds several gallons, not several cupfuls, or you will find yourself refilling it often. Be sure the fountain has an appropriately sized pump with vinyl tubing and connections already installed.

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