Fountains have great appeal to decorate our homes and gardens. Moving water and the containers which hold it provide sight and sound delights. The sound a fountain creates is just as important as the sculptural quality.

We have basically 3 types to choose from: Free Standing, Wall Hung or Flat Back. Click on these links to view our product line of fountains.

Free Standing Fountains are used as focal points which stop the eye in an open area or create interest where two paths cross or intersect. It is a visual accent in front of shubbery, or the element of height and sculpture tucked into a corner of the terrace or deck.

Wall Hung Fountains create interest on an outside wall of the house, garage, shed, fence or garden wall. Many people are currently using wall fountains inside the house--in sunrooms, foyers and kitchens. They can be hung on a trellis for added architectural effect

Flat Backed Fountains usually consist of a spouting head that spills into a trough. They have a European flair and look well placed against a wall, fence or lattice.

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